I Need A Change


@hellpellet and I headed south on Friday, right into “snowmageddon”.  I love how the Weather Channel creates ‘branding’ for big storms like: “Megastorm!”*, “Winter Powerhouse!!”, “Ransack-the-Grocery-for-TP Storm!!!”*. We didn’t see much weather until we got onto some of the back roads leading to our secret destination.  It got a little[…]

Sitting in

Generally I’m not big on sitting in with a band, or going to jam nights.  Even though I guess I can hold my own when it comes to playing, I’ve never felt like I’m good enough to just randomly jump in. However, there are exceptions.  Last weekend I had a[…]

The long and grinding road

A while ago (in ‘dude time that would be after Foonspeeders but before the other bands that came later) Mike and I recorded and played with a great songwriter and brother-from-another-mother named Thomas Reed Smith (find the first TRS record “I Need A Change” in the iTunes store). The remnants[…]