Hammond tracking redux

I wrote a couple entries about my last experience recording my Hammond organ.  It was a little complicated due to some missing equipment and the fact that I was experimenting with the setup. A few days ago I decided to record some more tracks.  This time I changed things up[…]

Tracking the Hammond (part 2)

We left off with me setting up a recording session for my Hammond organ.  I had my Pro Tools control in place (a Frontier Tranzport), and a monitoring solution in place.  The next step was to mic the Leslie cabinet. Had there been one other person there, it would have[…]

Tracking the Hammond (part 1)

I wanted to record some of the delicious sounds of my modified Hammond B-2 organ a few weeks ago.  Given the fact that the studio is in the basement but the organ is not, I had to come up with some way to control Pro Tools remotely, as well as[…]

Updating the Leslie 122RV

I was planning to record some Hammond tracks using my modified B-2 organ (which we like to call the B-69, shocker!).  The tracks I did with my gigging Hammond (XK-2) sound decent overall, but I really want to capture the awesomeness of a real live Hammond through a big old[…]