live music


Studio night was good tonight.  We hadn’t convened for a few weeks because Mike and KB had colds, so it was good to catch up and refresh ourselves on current dd69 material. Most of last night was spent putting together a setlist and running through it. Yes, you read that[…]

Cool Music That’s Not Ours (part 2)

There’s this scene in Total Recall where Ahnuld is disguised in a dress and a high-tech mask that makes him look and sound like a woman, ostensibly so he can get through Mars customs undetected. Everything’s going swimmingly until the customs agent asks how long s/he’s planning to stay on[…]

Cool Music That’s Not Ours

Last night Mike, HP and I went over to the Beachland Ballroom to see the Mike Doughty Band in concert. We haven’t been out to see many shows lately (except for our recent trip to the Happy Dog to see Chittlin’ and One Way Rider, which was an excellent bluegrass show).