Studio night: mix tweaking

We spent studio night listening through and finishing mixes for the upcoming record. With Beamer and KBilly adding some fresh ears, and Mike contributing some notes as well, we were able to knock out tweaks to about 90% of the material. I can’t stress how great it was to have[…]

Mix mania continues

We’re in the thick of mix tweakage this week, with the goal of having all the songs for this current record finished and ready to go to the mastering guru on (lucky) Friday. So far we’ve nailed down six of the tunes, with a seventh almost done. Sometimes mixing like this[…]

On track

Amazingly we’re being super-productive as of late.  Despite the fact that Mike continues to forget studio night (even though most of northeast Ohio knows when it is), we’re forging ahead and finishing track after track (okay, to his credit, he did do a Sunday “make-up” studio to track some bass[…]

No time 4 blogging

So, I have the ability to post, but not the time. What’s one to do? Explain why no time, I reckon. I have begun preparing for the Ohio Bar Exam, to take place the last week of February. I started law school so long ago, that this almost all seems[…]

Mixy Mixy

Studio night last night was productive. In fact, the last couple times we’ve gotten together have been great as far as mixing is concerned. Three weeks ago we convened and started mixing a song for the new record. The song, “Keep It Up”, is a drastically retooled version of a[…]