My Funky Valentine

In December 1999 I met @hellpellet, the flaming pill that would change my life. A little more than a year later, in early 2001, my grandmother passed away, devastating me.  A month after that I (along with about 101 other people) was laid off from my job. I moved in[…]

Podcamp 4: Summer’s Eve Presents Metallica (pt 2)

Continuing the thought from the previous post, here was another prevailing opinion from the excellent Podcamp 4 panel on “Promoting Music Through Social Media”: Record companies are essentially useless to artists at this stage, at least at the “you’re-not-super-famous-already” level. Future music will be released via corporate sponsorship (the brilliant[…]

Podcamp 4: Marketing Music with Social Media (pt 1)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Podcamp Pittsburgh 4, a social media conference put on by a big bunch of fellow media enthusiasts. It was spectacular. I was motivated, inspired, educated, and at some points, possibly a little tipsy. And it was great to make some new[…]

Welcome to “Studio Night”

Once or twice a week we get together to work on new songs and to mix or master songs we’re planning to release. Sometimes we even rehearse on studio night. We should probably do that more often. Tonight Mike and Scott sat down to finish the last track of an[…]