The gig-chicken or the rehearsal-egg?

Amazingly the ‘dude has done a couple rehearsals – for real rehearsals with all of us together playing all of our instruments and singing and stuff.  Shocking. Things are sounding good, and we’re having lots of fun playing, which is the important part.  To me it proves something I’ve believed[…]


We dudes are thankful that we continue to do what we love and love what we do.  There is nothing more satisfying than writing, recording and playing music while having fun with your best friends.  We’re thankful that other folks enjoy our music as well. We’re extra-specially thankful that our[…]

Timely Articles

Just a couple days after posting some thoughts on the value of music, including waxing nostalgic for album covers, I ran across a couple of related things. First, a cool article on album covers over at the Discmakers blog. It was nice to see some of the comments echoed my[…]

What’s Music Worth Today, Anyway?

On Friday during a break at a Skinny Moo gig, I was talking to bassist extraordinaire Mike “Brown Note” Crow about the way people consume music nowadays.  We talked about the fact that when people download songs or albums, maybe they get some small digital copy of the album cover,[…]

Podcamp 4: Summer’s Eve Presents Metallica (pt 2)

Continuing the thought from the previous post, here was another prevailing opinion from the excellent Podcamp 4 panel on “Promoting Music Through Social Media”: Record companies are essentially useless to artists at this stage, at least at the “you’re-not-super-famous-already” level. Future music will be released via corporate sponsorship (the brilliant[…]

The Musical Wave: To Ride or Not To Ride

For last night’s “studio night” we convened at Chachi’s to have a full band rehearsal, which is a fun change of pace. On an average studio night, KB, Mike and I have been running through song arrangements for a live set with the help of pre-recorded drum tracks. This lets[…]