Pro Tools

Hammond tracking redux

I wrote a couple entries about my last experience recording my Hammond organ.  It was a little complicated due to some missing equipment and the fact that I was experimenting with the setup. A few days ago I decided to record some more tracks.  This time I changed things up[…]

Tracking the Hammond (part 1)

I wanted to record some of the delicious sounds of my modified Hammond B-2 organ a few weeks ago.  Given the fact that the studio is in the basement but the organ is not, I had to come up with some way to control Pro Tools remotely, as well as[…]

Nice rack

We had a solid studio night last night.  Mike and I convened to do some recording and to install the new Pro Tools 003 rig. Before we did anything hardware-related, we recorded one last track on the old Digi 001: the bass track for “Lose U Baby”.  It’s a fun[…]

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

New music gear arrived today.  It’s like it’s Christmas all over again.  I am beside myself. After 10 years of using Digidesign’s Digi 001 in conjunction with my custom built PC as the DAW of choice around here (and being stuck at Pro Tools version 6.4 for the last several[…]

Logic makes me feel illogical

We’re talking about upgrading our recording setup here. Right now we run an old Pro Tools rig that’s treated us pretty well. I built a custom PC back in about 2003 and got a Digi 001. I did all the Windows tweaking and eventually got a pretty stable system. In[…]