Studio Night

The Pounding On Your Door


I spent a decent part of the day working on getting an updated mix of “Another Day” put together.  The last time we really worked with it, we were using a very old version of Pro Tools.  The song is one of our favorites (this is the second version of the song, the first having appeared on the “Who Are the Foonspeeders” album), but it kind of got lost in the shuffle of the last 8 years.

Unfortunately in that time our friend and drummer, Scott Haumesser, passed away.

It was strange to listen to the tracks and know that he’s no longer with us and won’t hear the final product.  I can still remember recording this and a few other songs with him in the living room of our old place, the Ranch.

It’s just one more reason I’m pushing so hard to finish what we start. We’re all lucky to still be here to see another day.  That’s what the song is about.  I’m going to try to listen to my own lyrics for a change.