Studio Night

The start of another DD69 year: 6/9

Hey there! It’s our favorite day of the year once again and we wanted to say happy 6/9 to everyone.

We’re not releasing today, as we have for the last few years – it’s been kind of a crazy time for all of us ‘dudes, and as a result we haven’t been able to get our schedules dialed in enough to complete what will be our fifth studio album. We’ve talked about a possible release on 9/6 of this year, but we’re not going to push it for the sake of a “release date”.

Meanwhile, as you read this, I will be in the midst of a 100-mile bike ride (training for which has been the bulk of my schedule since early in the year). Wish me luck!

We look forward to putting together the next DD69 album soon, so we hope you’ll stick around for the sonic goodness…