Studio Night

Time flies: a look back (part 2)

The other remaining blog entry from the old DD69 blog, recently unearthed.  This one is from 3/8/2006.  Entertainingly, the album I referred to (Funk Out With Your Junk Out) wouldn’t be completed for another two years.

I’m simple; everything else is complicated

Agh. Mixing work, music and drinking all in the same night is a severe drag. I think I could mix any two of the three (work + drinking might be interesting) without feeling irritated, but tack that third one on there and… well, did I mention that it’s a drag?

Okay, my gripey gripe is really unfounded. I should be happy that the newly ‘k-billy’ infused double-d-6-9 rehearsed tonight. It was liberating to play and sing the songs with some fresh perspective, and Chachi sprinkled in some very groovy new rhythms to boot.

I love the feeling of being swept up into the cyclone of performing music. It strips away everything outside of the act of playing like stripping bark off a tree. Suddenly I’m not there anymore, not thinking about working or washing the car or doing the dishes – I’m not thinking of anything at all. I’m just doing what I’m doing. Usually with my eyes closed. Kind of like sex, but ultra-pure and not requiring any tissues for cleanup.

Will we satisfy the fortune I pulled out of the oversized cookie I got on Valentine’s Day which said, “drunkdude69 will gig one time each year”? Who knows? As much as I’d enjoy dropping smacktacular punkfunk bombs on unsuspecting (and possibly drunk) music venue patrons, I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of leaving gigs with decent pay in my pocket. But then again, we do have pretty cool merch to sell. And a new album in the works. Jeez. No one told me life was going to be so complicated.