Studio Night

Tracking is officially done

There is no "try". "Do", or "do not".

With the help of KBilly (laying down some guitar parts and even a keyboard part!),tonight we finished all of the tracking for the upcoming record. I’d equate it to “pick-ups” for a movie: as we went through the editing and mixing process we realized that there were a handful of little bits and pieces we still wanted to add to a few songs.

As a result, we had a “Friday the 13th” session to wrap up the last parts. KB put down some guitar solos using his trusty Egnator Tweaker amp and his Strat, and then he and I spent some time coming up with kooky synth sounds to fill out a couple other song sections.

All in all it was a fun evening. Until KB got the hiccups, which put a slight damper on his enthusiasm. I told him about the cure that always works for me (hey, everyone’s got one, right?): clamp a wooden pencil in your jaws, pushed way back, and then drink a full glass of water (or two, or three, or however many it takes). I swear it works, although it can get you a little… moist.

Sorry dude!