Studio Night

Welcome to “Studio Night”

Once or twice a week we get together to work on new songs and to mix or master songs we’re planning to release. Sometimes we even rehearse on studio night. We should probably do that more often.

Tonight Mike and Scott sat down to finish the last track of an upcoming tune, and wound up writing something totally new instead. As of late, that’s highly unusual, but a welcome surprise.

Because we took about 8 years to record, mix, master and manufacture our first record since starting dd69, it’s weird that we’re working on new stuff. Honestly, the “new” stuff isn’t even new – it’s three or four years old. We’re on a three or four year lag between new material and stuff we’re actually working on. Well we’re trying to finally get it together. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, we recorded a couple tracks of us clapping for a song called “Wigs-N-Liquor”. It’s a song that blends all of the things we’ve come to know as drunkdude: a funky backbone riff; a juicy rock chorus; a bridge that we can’t really explain; vocals with soulish harmonies. All it needed before we could start mixing were claps.

As we did our clappage, Mike was suddenly struck with an idea for a new song. We literally shut the book on “Wigs” and started to record bits of the idea. We wound up importing it into Acid, where we mixed and matched a number of loops to try to flesh out the idea.

All in all, it was a good studio night, and idea juice was enjoyed by all. Apparently this time it worked. Again.