Studio Night

Whole hog ‘er none

A few years ago I was inducted into a super-secret society comprised of folks that just won’t let winter bring them down, which is a philosophy I can get behind.  The centerpiece of their revelry is an extensive celebration of Groundhog Day, complete with feasting, drinking and barefoot running in the snow.

As a part of my pledging process I knew that I would be required to provide dinnertime entertainment for the senior members of the group, and so, burning some midnight oil deep in the heart of a frigid Cleveland winter, I created an entertaining musical spectacle (with profuse apologies to Robert Earl Keen Jr.’s “Copenhagen”).

It’s been locked in the vault for some time, but Uncle Crappy, erstwhile Sergeant-at-arms, has authorized its release into the wild.  So without further ado, we must present: “Punxsutawney“.

Be careful.  Apparently it sticks in your craw.


(BTW, I won “Pledge of the Year” for this gem, and I may have already peaked in my lyrical skills with the line “Punxsutawney Phil can’t drive – he needs a chauffeur”.  *sigh*)

BONUS: Go see the hogtacular video here.